Welsh Affairs Committee inquiry into Wales rail infrastructure

Diesel Multiple Unit
Diesel Multiple Unit

The House of Common’s Welsh Affairs Committee has officially opened an inquiry into rail infrastructure in Wales.

The committee is seeking written evidence by 26th February 2021 regarding:

  • where does responsibility lie for rail infrastructure in Wales?
  • how effectively do the UK and Welsh governments co-operate with one another in the management and funding of rail infrastructure in Wales?
  • should responsibility for railway infrastructure in Wales be fully devolved?
  • what share of investment has Wales secured in its rail infrastructure since privatisation came into effect in 1994, and how sufficient is that level of investment?
  • how is funding allocated to rail infrastructure projects across the UK and how are the different infrastructure needs of the regions and nations of the UK assessed?
  • what will be the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic for the railway network in Wales, including the sustainability of services and potential impact on investment in infrastructure?
  • what opportunities are there for Wales as a result of the recently launched Union Connectivity Review?

Committee Chair Stephen Crabb said “While daily travel patterns may change permanently as a result of the pandemic, the need to upgrade Welsh rail infrastructure will remain a priority both in terms of levelling up and working towards a Net Zero economy”

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