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EMR unveils new seat for its Aurora trains

EMR's Hitachi-built Class 810 Aurora (Image: Hitachi Rail)

EMR's Hitachi-built Class 810 Aurora (Image: Hitachi Rail)

East Midlands Railway (EMR) has unveiled its seating for its fleet of Hitachi Rail Aurora (CLass 810) trains.

The seat has been designed by Derby-based design firm Dwho worked closely with EMR to refine a FISA lean seat to enhance its comfort and support.

Changes include increasing the size of cushions, headrests and armrests and making sure that high-quality durable materials are used throughout, such as a wool-rich ‘moquette’ and leather.

EMR’s Aurora seating was designed on the FISA Lean Seat

The seats also feature generous legroom, coat hooks, seat-back tables for all airline seats and space to stow a cabin-bag under each seat.

At seat charging will also be available to every passenger via USB ports.

The Aurora seating was designed in conjunction with DGDESIGN

Rachel Turner, Head of New Trains at East Midlands Railway, said: “We know the FISA seat has a good level of comfort, but we wanted to further enhance this by providing additional support in key areas, developing something that looks comfortable, inviting, and unique to EMR. All this has been done whilst ensuring we still meet the latest seat safety standards.

“Our customers are used to large comfortable seats, as found in our Meridian trains, so we wanted to maintain this character but go even further.

“It has taken a lot of work but we are delighted with the final product, not only are they comfortable to sit in and look refined, but they are also easy to keep clean and include all the features passengers should expect from a new generation of trains.”

The Hitachi built Aurora trains are due to enter service in 2023.

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